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Sandskriti is leading the design revolution in India today. By unifying designers across the country, we are marching toward creating a design culture. A culture that elevates designers as a collective and India as a global innovator of design.

The Seeds of Inspiration

Raising India to be a hub of creative minds by embracing rich traditions. Falling back to the roots.

India has a rich historical and cultural heritage with marvelous temples and architectural masterpieces spread all over the country.

Sandskriti aims to bring back ‘the Golden Era’ and turn India into a design hub for the world by building an ecosystem that nurtures young design enthusiasts. The mentors and leaders of Sandskriti constantly hustle to support and uplift young minds and guide them towards design excellence.

The Four Pillars

of Sandskriti

Ask Freely

Your design queries have finally found their match. Talk about all things design and enrich yourself with enlightening insights from expert.

Network Globally

Our community is global which entails that your horizons are broader than ever. Connect with your fellow designers at any moment.

Learn Rapidly

According to an old proverb, if you are the most learned man in a room, you should change the room. At Sandskriti the scope of learning.

Belong Heartily

Home is the pull of the structure on your heart. Home lets you be yourself. With Sandskriti the feeling of belonging to a family of goofballs is guaranteed.

The Leaders of our Tomorrow

Their vision takes us forward, their energy infects us with passion

Pramod Sinha

Founder @Sandskriti Design Community


anil sinha

Design Philanthropist & Director @GLSID


Designed for Elevation

The Miracle Workers of the community

The faces of the community who are striving to make a positive impact in the lives of millions

Atul Khola

Lead IC Designer @CRED


Mayur Karodia

Founder @Dropout Academy


Punit Chawla

Founder @Designwings


Jigar Panchal

Director, Global Sales @IndiaNIC


Anil Reddy

Founder @Lollypop Design Studio


Meet the Tribe

Creative personalities who bring their own colors to the giant canvas of Sandskriti


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Design Ki Baatein

The brainchild of Sandskriti, this podcast reimagines the power of design in brining about change in the world with eminent design personalities.

podcast podcast

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Anil Sinha

Dr. Anil Sinha with his loving presence and dedication to uplift the young generation, has been a guiding light for design enthusiasts at SandsKriti. He has been a constant inspiration for young designers and has always fed creative minds with love. His conviction is sourced from his interest in the historical and cultural heritage India holds in the design space. Standing by our side he has always shown us the way forward.

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Design Unfiltered with Anil Reddy

Anil Reddy, the founder of Lollypop Designs, has been enlightening and inspiring the young minds at SandsKriti since its inception. In his perspective design is not limited to a profession, it's a way of life and it must be embraced in every mood, every time of the day, and in every facet of life. He says, Ahmedabad, the birthplace of Sandskriti, is the design hub of India and creativity flows in its air.

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Exploring Career Paths with Punit and Mayur

Mentors Punit Chawla, Pramod Sinha, and Mayur Karodia explore diverse design career paths and offer top-notch resources for skill development. Their insights, including real-life stories and portfolio tips, inspire successful career pursuits across various design fields. Industry trend insights ensure staying ahead. Whether starting out or honing skills, this episode was a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration. Missed it? Catch up now!

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Hear it from our Design Tribe

Dive into the narratives of fellow designers who have been enriched by our community's creative synergy.


I'm really pleased to see how rapidly the Indian design community is expanding and raising design awareness.

Great initiative by Pramod Sinha and team to launch Sandskriti, which goal is to unite designers and give them a forum to connect and grow in this beautiful field.

Anil Reddy

Founder & Design Director @ Lollypop Design studio

From the insightful talks to the engaging activities, it was a truly immersive experience that left me feeling energized and inspired.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Promod Sinha, Bina Patel and the entire team for putting together such a fantastic event.

It’s clear that they’re passionate about building a strong design community and I’m excited to see what they have in store for the future.

Rohit Patel

Design Lead | Community Builder

Designer's Meetup V2.0- an event that left me brimming with inspiration and ignited a fire within my creative soul!

It was an honor to be surrounded by a talented gathering of designers from all walks of life in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the opportunity to meet and interact with the legendary Pramod Sinha.

Kuldeep Jiyani

UI/UX Designer

A Resounding Success: Sandskriti Designer's Meetup 2.0.

To all the tribes, thank you for taking the time to join us and making this event a meaningful and engaging experience. Your enthusiasm and contributions to the discussions were inspiring, and we hope that you gained valuable insights and made some meaningful connections with others in the community.

Amit Patel

Design Mentor @ Silver Oak College
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